Friday, November 15, 2013

Writing Like Todd Parr

We LOVE Todd Parr's books. We've read Reading Makes You Feel Good, The Family Book, and It's Okay to Be Different. I love his ideas, illustrations, and the way he ends each book with a note to the reader. We modeled our writing off of Todd Parr's style... We chose a topic, wrote a different message about it on each page, and wrote a note to our readers at the end. I love the way they came out! Please check out part of one student's first draft:

Cover: "The Food Book"

One of the inside pages: "A apple is a food. I like the yellow ones."
Other pages included... "Some people eat sausages. They can be spicy"

The author's note to the reader: "Dear Reader, It's okay to like different food or have different food. Being you is being unique. You should always be proud of yourself. Love, -------"

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