Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What I'm Pinning Wednesday

Obsession 1: TPT
Obsession 2: Pinterest

You're a pin-aholic too, admit it! I could get lost on there... Thank goodness my wedding is over, because between school pins, house pins, dog pins, and wedding pins... It was just too much! Anywho... Here's a few of my favorites:

Favorite Home Pin: I'm fairly new to homeownership. I used to stick to decorating pins only. Just recently got into the home improvement type. The fireplace upgrade is on the very top of my home-wish-list. This seems like a summertime job for me and my husband! Click the picture to link to this handy homeowner's site.

Makeup: This makeup artist's name is Cara. Her website is called "Maskcara." Need I say more? Her video tips are fantastic. She transforms her face in the most unbelievable ways. In the picture below, she's showing off her "Victoria's Secret model" look.

Brady: This last pin just screams my dog's name. He is the cutest 8 month old puppy I've ever seen. And he's the reason we aren't putting up a Christmas tree this year.

Back to pinning...

Love, Mrs. First Grade
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