Monday, December 2, 2013

Non Fiction Text Features

We've all taught non fiction text features about 100 times... Table of contents, glossary, index, etc. My school has noticed that many of the grades teach the same features again and again. But never fear, Common Core to the rescue!

The CC standards indicate which features should be taught in which grades:
- Kindergarten - text, illustrations/photographs, front cover, back cover
- 1st Grade - headings, table of contents, glossary, electronic menu, icons
- 2nd Grade - captions, bold print, glossary, index, diagrams, electronic menu, icons

Anyone else notice the electronic features?? I've never taught them before! Have you??

I'll be spending some time on these electronic features and much less time on non fiction features. There are so many other standards in the CC that have nothing to do with the features! That will be a big change for me and my school. We've been very feature-heavy thus far.

Anywho... I've made a little something to align with the K-2 CC standards for nonfiction features. Check it out at my TPT store.

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